Water: The Source of Life

By Moria Shepard, Francesca Sampino & Shannon Porter

This March, we got the chance to visit Cuba to study water and investigate the relationship between the Cuban people and the ocean. During our journey we stayed in the capital city of Havana, but throughout the week we traveled around the island exploring different areas from ridge to reef. We visited downtown Havana, Vinales National Park, the ecovillage in Las Terrazas, and farms all around the Island.

As we traveled through different parts of the country, we had the opportunity to interview many Cuban people and discover their perspective of the ocean and relationship with the environment.

Throughout our trip, we found that the Cuban people had differing views on the state of their environment and their water sources. Although a beautiful place, we found a substantial amount of pollution throughout the island, and the Cuban marine ecosystem was relatively deteriorated.

However, in talking to the people, we found that Cubans care a great deal about their country’s environment, and they are willing to fix the problems that we observed. We found that the younger generation of Cubans are currently being educated on conservation and sustainability methods that could improve their environment.

With this increased awareness, the people of Cuba will hopefully address their environmental issues, and understand that the ocean is the source of all life.